12. Mardie

Welcome to Mardie’s Hut, Stop #12.  This is a great place to stop for lunch.  Here you will also find the ELC’s “Triple R Corral.”


The Three Rs stand for: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. 


Reducing is the most important part of the Three R’s.  First and foremost, buy and use less! If all the other people on the Earth used as much "stuff" as we do in the United States, we would need 5 more planet earths just to hold and sustain everybody.  Buy only what you need and use all of what you buy.


Or make sure that when you are through with something, you pass it along to other people who can continue to put it to good use.  This is a great way to reuse something.  Other examples of reusing are:

taking canvas bags to the store,

using refillable coffee mugs at the coffee shop,

carrying reusable water bottles,

and, repairing broken items instead of buying new ones.


Lastly, when you just cannot practice the first two Rs, recycle. The good news is that Americans are recycling more than we used to.  In 1985 Americans recycled about 10% of their waste and in 2007, we recycled about 33% of our total waste.  However, since 1960, Americans have almost doubled the amount of waste they produce, from about 2.68 pounds/person annually to about 4.62 pounds/person annually.  The unfortunate news is that even though we do we recycle, we still make a lot of trash. 


Many communities have convenient curbside recycling programs.  If curbside recycling is available to you, do it!  If not, please make the extra effort to recycle what you can. 


If you choose to join us for lunch, try packing your lunch with reusable items and then use our recycling and composting bins.And, make sure all trash is in the right place.