13. Solar Panel

This is the final stop of the tour! 


Solar panels take in energy from the sun and convert it to electricity that can be used to run appliances, heat homes, pools and to power lights.  Solar panels are one form of green technology that has a great deal of promise here in Florida, where we have an average of 242 sunny days each year. 


At the ELC, we use photovoltaic panels to power most of our outdoor lights and some of our air conditioning, lights, and aquarium filtration system.


Stand alone panels, like this one, power our parking lot and walkway lights at night.  They store energy in batteries during the day and use that energy at night instead of electricity.   


Even more impressive are our 60 solar panels on the south facing roof of the Discovery Station.  These were underwritten by the William Bingham Foundation. 


Green technology will decrease our dependence on limited oil and gas reserves.  If you are interested in how solar panels can help power your home, contact your local power company.  They also conduct energy audits to help lower energy use in your home.


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